Sport, Casa & Tempo libero – No boundaries

  • We indulge the senses. Pleasant touch, eye-popping colors and designs. Feeling of comfort and safety. Our products are designed for you to feel good. Without boundaries.
  • Trocellen takes care of your safety and comfort after work as well: being at home or spending time outdoors, in the water or on two wheels, in a wellness centre or hiking in the mountains, we accompany you.
  • We are passionate about what we do. Passionate to facilitate quality free time, that everyone deserves.
  • We respect experience, but are not bound by commonplace. We are proud of our past, our achievements and solutions but we also believe that the future requires new approaches, new directions, new ways. And we are happy to take the lead.
  • We are team workers. Giving our best we enable our partners to take maximum advantage.
  • We care for sustainable business. Business creating value for all partners but also considering the broader needs of society and the environment. Our products are long-lasting, reliable and variable.

Innovazioni collaborative

Grazie alla sua ampia esperienza professionale e alle sue grandi capacità di sviluppo, Trocellen è disponibile a realizzare qualsiasi tipo di progetto       – di precisione, su larga scala, innovativo – in collaborazione con i suoi partner.