Hospitality is the motto of hotels

Serving guests is a beautiful but challenging task. Often it takes only small instances of kindness and attention to make a difference. Our hospitality products are meant to protect the guests of the hotels and express their love and care for them. Our PE foam applications can be used in underground garages, in gyms, indoor playgrounds, in wellness centres and during outdoor activities.

Since PE foam can be printed on, embossed, associated with textile, leather, synthetic leather, etc. our custom-made products can fully reflect the quality standard and image (e.g. logo) of the hotel in their design.

Underground garage and car park

  • Carepad:
    • designed with a unique protective function that protects not only your guests’ vehicles from scratching but the wall of the garage as well.
    • Can be mounted on any smooth surface (straight walls, round columns)

Wellness centre

  • Mats for sunbathing
    • Our folded or rolled PE mats take up little space and are ideal for sunbathing put either on sun-beds or directly on the ground.

dekorfoliás mat

  • Going to the sauna
    • Our mats are anti-bacterial and easy to clean.
    • Guests can be given one each or the mats can be hung on sauna walls.
  • Aqua-fitness
    • Aqua gymnastics tools for beginners and professionals
  • Water-chess
    • A waterproof chess set is the perfect leisure item for Jacuzzis and thermal pools.

Fitness products

  • Mats for gymnastics, yoga and Pilates lessons
    • PE foam mats developed specially for sport activities.
    • They are light-weight, anti-bacterial, water repellent and easy to clean.
    • Ideal also for rehabilitative gymnastics.
    • Mats can be one- or two-layered, folded or rolled, used e.g. for yoga or Pilates.

yoga mathatogatott torna mat

  • Underlay for machines
    • Puzzle-format underlay for exercise bikes, treadmills, cardio machines.
    • Protects floors from indentation and scratches.
    • Provides sound and vibration insulation.
    • Due to its puzzle-like structure can be laid in different layouts under equipment of any size.

Indoor Playground

  • Play-carpet Puzzle
    • Children can play safely on the floor by the help of our play carpet.
    • It is warm, soft and practical consisting of colourful, variable blocks.
  • Small Hut
    • From our easy-to-clean PE foam blocks a small hut can be built for playing and hiding.
    • It can be set up in rooms or in the garden.
  • Storage box for toys
    • Light-weight, colourful PE foam container.
    • Cannot cause physical harm, washable and easy to clean.

Outdoor activities

  • Cushion l Small hiking mat
    • We recommend these light and practical products to hotels organising hiking trips.
    • They are easy to carry on bicycle or in backpack.