An ideal home is about safety and security. It is a place to be on your own. Your private zone. It is cosy and comfortable. Many little details must fall into place to make this happen. Little things that make our days more comfortable. Trocellen’s products offering protective and insulating functions are at our assistance in the whole house.

Living room and bedrooms

  • Exercise machine underlay:
    • Puzzle-type underlay designed for stationary bikes, treadmills, cardio machines.
    • Protects floors from indentation and scratches.
    • Provides sound and vibration insulation.
    • Due to its puzzle-like structure can be laid in customized shapes under equipment of any size.
  • Heat mirror:
    • Alu-laminated PE foam sheet behind the radiator
    • Saves substantial amount of energy by keeping the heat inside.
    • Easy and quick to mount.

Kitchen and bathroom

  • Washing machine underlay:
    • Laminated product designed under washing machines to absorb noise and vibration.
    • Easy to cut to size
  • Container:
    • Easy-to-assemble, portable, space-thrifty container for the laundry, towels or any bathroom objects.

Nursery room

  • Play-carpet Puzzle:
    • Children are safe on the floor.
    • Our play carpet is warm, soft and practical, consists of colourful, variable blocks.
  • Small Hut:
    • From our easy-to-clean PE foam blocks build a small house for playing and hiding in the room or in the garden.
  • Storage box for toys:
    • Light-weight, colourful PE foam container.
    • Cannot cause physical harm, washable and easy to clean.


  • Carepad:
    • designed with a unique protective function that protects not only your quests’ vehicles from scratching but the wall of the garage as well.
    • Can be mounted on any smooth surface (straight walls, round columns)
  • Containers:
    • Easy-to-assemble, portable box for garage objects, takes up little space disassembled


  • Dog house underlay:
    • Special thermal insulation product protecting our pet from getting cold.
    • Provides comfort during long, cold, winter days.
  • Small Hut:
    • From our easy-to-clean PE foam blocks a build a small house for playing in the garden.
  • Pool underlay:
    • Increases comfort and safety of the garden pool.
    • Prevents injuries from stones by smoothening ground under pool.
  • Gardening kneepad:
    • Invaluable help when planting and weeding.
    • Increased comfort during gardening by protecting your knees.


  • Insulating stair carpet:
    • Rectangular or semicircular in shape it is a further development of the traditional stair carpet.
    • Its new thermal and sound insulating anti-slip layer makes stairs safer and more silent to walk on.