Versatile and high quality products

Due to its many beneficial properties, we produce a wide variety of polyethylene (PE) foam mattresses for the most varied leisure activities. Each of them offers customers comfort, ease of use and quality.

  • Lightweight – so it can be taken anywhere comfortably;
  • It can be rolled up or folded – fits in small spaces;
  • The bacteria do not stick to it – it is easy to clean, and several people can use it;
  • Water repellent – it does not absorb water, it does not soak;
  • Heat insulating – it can be used on the ground as well.

We produce sports and leisure mattresses for our commercial and business partners, based on orders, in agreed colours, sizes and quantities.


Garage wall protection guard

A wall guard made of thick polyethylene foam and mounted on a garage wall has a multi-level protective function. It protects the wall and the car from damage at the same time. It can be mounted in any size, on flat wall, at a corner or on circular column as well.


Swimming pool underlay

It enhances the safety and comfort of the garden pool. It protects the bottom of the pool from damage caused by stones and pebbles and balances out the roughness of the soil. It provides soft support, thus making it safer for bathers to reach the bottom of the pool.

Garden kneeling pad

It makes gardening more comfortable. It protects the knee when kneeling and is an indispensable companion in flower care, weeding and planting.