Foam is used in various fitness functions and different outdoor activities. Trocellen applications such as mats, swimming supplements, wall covers, stair carpets, drink coolers, archery targets or the „devil” snow cushions provide users with comfort and safety while doing various activities.

The main characteristics of our PE foam always stay the same: light weight, environment friendliness, high quality, stable performance and simplicity.

Our products are always easy to use and clean. They are water resistant, anti-bacterial and have excellent thermal-insulation properties.

Fitness mats

  • Fitness mats are special mats developed for workout purposes.
    • Ideal for fitness studios, gyms, schools or for home use.
    • Perfect for motility (motion) therapy.
    • Mats can be one- or multi layered, folded or rolled, developed e.g. for yoga or Pilates

yoga mat
hatogatott torna mat

Hiking & Camping

  • Hiking & Camping mats are designed for your outdoor activities.
    • Our professional hiking mats have special thermo-insulation capabilities due to their alu-laminated layer and are water-resistant.
    • Hiking mats are perfect in any weather condition and they perform well in the case of extra cold ground temperatures too.
    • Colours and sizes are customizable.

ketretegu mat

  • Thermo-roll: to keep your drink iced, cold or hot. Simple and great!


  • Tent underlay: providing comfort and safety at the same time. Perfect under your tent. It will take care of you and your family due to its thermo-insulation and water-resistant characteristics. Small, lightweight and foldable.


In the water & on the beach

  • Beach mats: a truly iconic sight on the beach. Can be one-layered, two-layered and laminated with decor foil.

dekorfoliás mat

  • Swimming board and swimming belt: fit different body shapes. Perfect tools for teaching your kids to swim independently.
  • Surf board: a great fun tool on water. It is ideal for kamikaze-style slides.

On 2 wheels

  • Sitting cushions l Alu mini mat l Folded mini mat
    • Folded or rolled these multi-purpose products are easy to handle, require almost no space to store and they make sitting comfortable anywhere: indoors, outdoors, on concerts, during dates or picnic.
    • Perfectly suitable for moto- or bicycling.
  • Thermo roll: Keeps your drink iced, cold or hot. Simple and great!Lux Zippy & Picnic underlay


Picnic & culture

  • Sitting cushions require almost no space and it is ideal for going picnic or to an open-air concert. Perfectly fits any woman’s bag.
  • Thermo roll: Keeps your drink iced, cool or hot. Simple and great!


Winter sports

  • Snow devil:
    • Snow is fun! We love skiing, snowboarding and having fun in winter.
    • One of our greatest equipment to have serious fun is Trocellen’s Snow Devil, a very fast but perfectly controllable board


  • Target butts:
    • square, round or animal-shaped